House Rules for Residents

Womens Shelter has a duty of care to doing everything we can to ensure that the "Shelter" is a safe and comfortable place for all residents and staff. Residents are required to contribute to the safety and comfort of the "Shelter" environment by . . .

  • Obeying House Rules
  • Contributing daily to the cleaning of the house.

Shelter House Rules have been developed to ensure the safety and comfort of people at the Shelter. Abiding by the House Rules a condition of residency at the Shelter and clients who break these rules may be asked to leave.


WSA House Rules

1)  No drugs, or alcohol are allowed on the premises, and residents may not return to the Shelter while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

2)  Aggressive, abusive behaviour is not permitted.

3)  Discussing other clients with people outside the Shelter is not permitted. Every client is entitled to confidentiality, and talking about another client may be dangerous for her.

4)  Children may not be left alone at the Shelter, nor left in the care of other clients, under any circumstances. Each mother must actively supervise her children at all times, ensuring that pre-schoolers are always within her line of sight, and that she know where older children are and what they are doing at all times.

5)  Children may not open the front door or play in the front foyer area, on the stairs, or on the upstairs fire escape.

6)  Smoking is not allowed in any part of the house.

7)  Friends and family are to be seen away from the Shelter except, under exceptional circumstances, where a prior arrangement has been made with a support worker.

 8)  The street address of the Shelter is not to be given out. To protect the safety of everyone in the Shelter we try to keep our location as discrete as possible. If you wish you may give out our postal address, which is PO Box 4188, Armidale, NSW 2350.

 9)  The Cleaning Roster must be followed. It is important for comfort and good health that the house is kept clean and tidy. Each client is expected to keep her own room clean and to contribute to the cleaning of shared rooms, according to the roster.

10)  All medication is to be locked in the security box which is located inside each client’s wardrobe. 

12)  Residents are to be in the Shelter by 9:00pm at night, and may not stay out overnight.


NB: To ensure the safety and wellbeing of people at the Shelter any person who breaks these rules may have to leave the Shelter.


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